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I did the sandwich technique used by Celina Rydén Light Elegance Ambassador developed.

Glitter Encapsulated gel nail using Light Elegance Hard Gel glitter: Wakey Wakey!, Shave Ice, Caffeine Coma and Facebook: Instagram: Website: Book 24/7:

Using Light Elegance Hard Gel with Hoppity Scotch, Natural Fiber, and Perfect White I created a Pink Quartz nail. Music: Red, Blue, and Green (Dub Copy) Zero 7- Simple Science Facebook: Instagram: Website: Book 24/7:

Light Elegance Hard Gel Glitters 💅💫🌞Light Elegance Glitters Appletini, Black Lace, Wakey Wakey!, Pink Diamond, Caffeine Coma, Shave Ice, White Lace, Glam, Radiant, Pink Lace, Sprinkles, Sugar Coated, French Press, Music Modern Facebook: Instagram: Website: Book 24/7:

At Spa we have a monthly nail art deal, these are some of the designs from the last year.

Cotton Candy, Blizzard, and Pink Diamond. Colors: Pinky Swear, Mint Chalk-O-Late, Hoppity Scotch, Skip to my Lulu, Chalk it up, Puddle Play Music: In The Waiting Line, Chill Out, Vol. 1 Zero 7 Facebook: Instagram: Website: Book 24/7:

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (

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(made with #spliceapp -

Client's Halloween french nails with a 3D Bloody Rose with swarovski crystal, glitter spider web, and glow in the dark ghosts.

Spa Touch, LLC Orlando Music: By The Shore Llewelyn

Spa Touch, LLC Orlando Florida 32804 Music: Shadows by Woolfy & Productions

1008 Webster Avenue, Orlando, Florida, 32804
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