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Safety in Beauty
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13:28:43 03/10/2017
Hard Gels

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15:25:18 02/10/2017
Tell us how many nail polish’s you own

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21:40:38 28/09/2017
Proper gel polish removal
Dehydration or damage? The debate rages about the cause of white spots that appear after gel-polish removal. Your comments educate clients about what’s happening when removal is rushed.

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17:46:30 28/09/2017
PLEASE seek out a Professional Nail Technician to do your nails.

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13:15:37 21/09/2017
Bridal beauty bootcamp: A guide to the perfect manicure …
All the tips and tricks from colour choices to emergency nailcare

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12:19:28 21/09/2017
How to protect your nails from breaking?
Image: © vladimirfloyd / Fotolia A few tested tips that help Just at the very moment when it comes time to apply your so favorite nail polish and you feel that there is a problem - the nail plate has broken. This is one of the most common problems with the manicure, which certainly should not be overlooked just like that. The reason for this is that if you do not care to improve the overall condition of your nails, you risk not only the situation...

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16:41:06 19/09/2017
Springtime is the start of sandal season — not to mention prom, wedding and graduation time — and you want your feet to look their best. So you may be headed off to the salon for a pedicure. Before you go, however, make sure the salon you choose is clean and that the staff routinely sterilizes the ...

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13:01:23 07/09/2017
By Lindsay Schallon, Glamour

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12:58:58 07/09/2017
According to nail polish behemoth Essie, Queen Elizabeth is a devotee of Essie Ballet Slippers and it is has been her go-to polish for 28 years.

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12:57:13 07/09/2017
Once men get past the initial awkward feeling about having a pedicure, they discover the rewards of this pampering treatment. Hey, if LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neill, David Beckham and Michael Jordan do it, there must be good reasons for at least trying it. A look at where to go and how to prep for the Manny Pedi

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12:56:16 07/09/2017
PARIS, Aug 25 — Channel the crisp, earthy shades of autumn this season with the smartest new nail polish collections on the market. Soft and sophisticated dove greys, rich browns and rusty reds are one way to reset your beauty regime as we

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12:55:18 07/09/2017
For those of us who are manicure-obsessed, do you ever wonder if you need to take time off from back-to-back manis? Do our nails really need to breathe, free of polish? It's time for Mythbusters, nail polish edition.

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21:40:34 05/09/2017
Here's why you should not shave your legs before a pedicure.
“Here's Why You Should Never Shave Your Legs Before Getting A Pedicure | -”

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21:37:15 05/09/2017
British woman spent 450 pounds per year for manicures.
“British women spend 450 pounds per year for manicure -”

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